Sarah Ashmore

Art & Jewellery

Azhora Limited | A screen grab of The Sarah Ashmore Art & Jewellery website home page.

“Without Azhora I would never have been able to launch my business so quickly and effectively and reach out to my new clients. They have helped with every aspect of my launch and will be helping me to publish and sell my patterns and jewellery.” Sarah Ashmore – Owner.

Sarah Ashmore Bead Designs needed to create an online presence over a range of social media to quickly establish a start up business in the competitive craft world. Azhora were able to assist with every aspect of the build setting up social media to easily promote the brand and new developments are promoted through this and an e-mail marketing campaign fully managed by Azhora.

Assistance included:

  • Website
  • Online Store
  • E-Publishing
  • Weblog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Photography
  • Mailing List
  • Business Cards
Azhora Limited | The cover of a Sarah Ashmore Bead Designs ePublished Bead Pattern