Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

Working with unwieldy, outdated and underused legacy systems to improve business efficiency, facilitate sales and provide innovative customer service was a challenge in this organisation. We created the first business directory in which the businesses themselves updated their records, saving staff time and increasing revenue. When paper directories were still the norm we were able to create a virtual network that was in use for over a decade.

Network Cornwall

We created Cornwall’s largest business network as a way to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. With over 11,000 members over a decade later it is network that still brings benefit to those that use it to link up with other businesses. Intended as a virtual water cooler before anyone else cottoned on to the phrase, it can be whatever the users want. More than an Advertising Directory, it’s been Friend Finder, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Craigslist and more, it was doing this before many and longer than some. It’s our longest standing example of finding innovative ways to meet a business need. If you find it clogs your in box, ask us how we can help you to manage your e-mail rather than vice versa.

Let's Do I.T!

As an offshoot of this award winning IT training project we were able to help business networks to grow and succeed by providing a business network management tool still in use today. Years before Facebook, Linkedin and a decade before Twitter, we enabled businesses to collaborate online to a level way beyond their size or budget. An in depth knowledge of how business networks operate around the world and an understanding of technology that could facilitate that helped many Cornish business networks to establish themselves.

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