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Advice for Site Users

Azhora believe that we should use the things we recommend to and on behalf of our clients. We call this "Walking the Walk" & hope it gives you confidence in the advice we give. (We've compiled an ever growing list so you can see some of the techie things we love.). This web site is built with Moonfruit, a powerful online builder we've been using to create web sites since 2002. They are helpful people based in England and we like what they do.

Azhora don't use cookies at all. Some of the solutions that we use to help our clients build their web sites, like Moonfruit, do use cookies. If you are concerned about this, we recommend that you check out the Moonfruit cookie policy.

(Implied) Consent.

We assume that if you are happy with the cookies that Moonfruit install on your computer to make your experience of using this site better, then you will simply carry on.

If you are unhappy with the cookies that Moonfruit install on your computer to make your experience of using this site better, then we assume you will leave.

More on Cookies for Site Users

If you think cookies are a tasty chocolate and nut infused snack, rather than useful little file that a web site puts onto your computer to make it work a bit better, or are unsure what a browser is, then you may want to check out some explanations that the helpful folk at The BBC have put together.

If you would like to learn how to adjust your browser settings so that you control what cookies are installed on your computer by this, or any other web site, then we've linked to some instructions provided on their web sites. (Obviously we're not responsible at all for any cookies that they then install.)

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

If any of these links are broken then please let us know and we'll update them.

Azhora Limited | A chopping board on which rolled out pastry is being cut to make cookies.
Photos by Karolina Grabowska @ Kaboompics.com

More on Cookies for Clients

Legislative action on cookies has been slow to move on. The best way to understand it in our opinion is to have a look at this short video created by The Information Commissioner.

You can also read their article “The EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive)”.

If you want more depth, or can’t sleep, you can download their document “Guidance on the rules on use of cookies and similar technologies”.

They also link to an explanatory site.

We believe that cookies on most web sites provide an enhanced user experience; in fact the constant cookie pop ups are more annoying than the cookies themselves. There are bad people out there, and we advise our clients on how to stay safe and protected. The bad people out there will be ignoring any legislation anyway.

Our view is that the legislation focuses on the wrong priorities and working with the major browser developers would be a better approach, but in the mean time we believe people should learn how to adjust their browser settings so they can control their own online life.

We can help you to implement cookie legislation in a way that you feel is proportionate.